Softwall Containment

An economical, flexible solution for airflow containment.

How Do They Work?

AIRSEAL’s softwall strips and curtains offer a modular solution for optimizing and directing airflow within the data center. Whether creating entire rooms, closing off aisles, or adapting them for special applications, these versatile solutions are designed to effectively contain airflow. Featuring easy assembly, modular construction, and adherence to fire safety standards, AIRSEAL’s strips and curtains provide a reliable and adaptable airflow containment solution.


  • Material properties: Curtain material meets Class 1 fire-rateing, is  compliant with NFPA and ANSI requirements for data center applications, and is antistatic.
  • Modular design: As data center needs evolve, containment assets can be easily modified to suit changing requirements.
  • Stock and custom sizes: Available in stock sizes for convenient ordering, with the flexibility for customization to fit unique specifications.
  • Ease of Installation: Curtains are easily trimmed and sized for above-the-rack applications, with molded, wraparound corners ensuring superior seals.


Softwall curtains – 40 MIL. thick, 48” wide, 4” overlaps

  • Calculation Formula: Area width (inches) / 44. Rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Example: For a 23 lin. ft. area: 276” / 44 = 6.27, rounded up to 7 curtains.

Softwall strips – 40 MIL. thick, 12” wide, 2” overlaps

  • Calculation Formula: Area width (inches) / 10. Rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Example: For a 23 lin. ft. area: 276” / 10 = 27.60, rounded up to 28 strips.
Strip Specs
Curtain Specs

AirSeal Containment Catalog

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