Flexible Gap Seals

For sealing small gaps between racks.

AIRSEAL’s Flexible Gap Seals (FGSs) close off smaller gaps between racks in the data center, complimenting the effectiveness of a hot aisle / cold aisle containment and further reducing energy costs. Stable temperatures also mean added capacity for more computing power.

How Do They Work?

FGSs attach to the racks using a flexible magnetic or hook and loop fastener side trim, ensuring easy and secure installation. By effectively sealing off these spaces, you can significantly reduce air leakage in your hot aisle/cold aisle containment. Installation is a breeze, ensuring immediate results and long-term benefits.


  • Quick installation: Fast setup for immediate results.
  • Versatile closure: Seal off gaps ranging from 1” to 6” wide.
  • Enhanced stability: Improve stability and uptime in your data center by controlling airflow effectively.
  • Material options: Available in black vinyl. White vinyl available as special order option.
  • Constructed of durable vinyl with sewn-on magnetic or hook and loop strips.
  • Available in black or white.
  • Installation Method: Designed for simple and fast installation. Squeeze the two edges together so that the magnet strips are facing out and slide into the rack gap.
  • Adjustment: Trim the seal to fit the rack height using a knife or scissors.

AIRSEAL Containment Catalog

Download our catalog in PDF and get acquainted with our products in more detail!