AS 100 Rigid Panels

AS 100 is AIRSEAL’s medium duty panel system ideal for CRAC/CRAH hoods, single or dual rack chimneys. and situations where a more economical sidelight option is appropriate. These panels provide sturdy and flexible options for both permanent and temporary installations.

How Do They Work?

AS 100 rigid panels can be used for a number of applications in the data center, such as over-the-rack containment, CRAC/CRAH hoods, single/dual rear rack door chimneys, and more.


  • Robust versatility: Suitable for various data center applications including over-the-rack containment and rack height extensions.
  • Customizable inserts: Frame extrusion accommodates inserts including 1/8” clear polycarbonate, 1/4”  twin-wallpolycarbonate,  or aluminum composite, offering flexibility in design.
  • Seamless integration: Smaller panels seamlessly fasten together to cover larger areas, maintaining continuity in containment solutions.
  • Effective sealing: Foam gasket installed on the frame ensures airtight seals between panels, enhancing overall containment effectiveness.
  • Framing: All framing comes in clear or black anodized 6063-T5 aluminum.
  • Inserts: Standard inserts include clear 1/8” polycarbonate or 1/4” twin wall. Additional material options include: 1/8” clear or color acrylic, 1/8” color polycarbonate, 1/8” ABS, 1/8” antistatic rigid PVC, 1/8” Lam 2000 FM 4910 approved, 1/8” aluminum composite, and 1/16” polycarbonate.
  • Hardware: All necessary hardware for attaching to frames and racks is included

AIRSEAL Containment Catalog

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