Aisle Cap Ceiling Grid

AIRSEAL’s innovative Aisle Cap Ceiling Grids come pre-assembled and are designed to fit seamlessly into a multitude of containment configurations.

How Do They Work?

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, these grids effortlessly bolt to the containment framework of your data center, facilitating swift assembly. The extruded aluminum framework offers versatile support for lights, tiles, fan units, and ductwork, making it ideal for both hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment strategies.


  • Time and labor-saving installation: Quick and easy assembly reduces labor costs and downtime.
  • Optimized strength and efficiency: Built on a cleanroom-grade, fully gasketed 2-inch T-bar grid for maximum durability and flexibility.
  • Compatible with safety standards: Utilize UL-listed, F.M.-approved drop away ceiling tiles designed to accommodate overhead sprinkler systems.
  • Adjustable mounting options: Fully adjustable Z-bar angle mounting track or riser panels enable customization for rack door clearance or other obstacles.
  • Stock and custom sizes: Available in stock sizes for convenient ordering, with options for custom sizes to suit specific needs.
  • Framing: All framing comes in clear or black anodized 6063- T5 aluminum. 
  • Hardware: All hardware for attaching to frames and racks is included.

AIRSEAL Containment Catalog

Download our catalog in PDF and get acquainted with our products in more detail!