Adjustable Filler Panels

An ideal fix for temporary data center gaps.

AIRSEAL’s Adjustable Filler Panels (AFPs) are telescopic aluminum composite panels engineered to bridge gaps between racks, building-support pillars, or permanent walls.

How Do They Work?

Installing AFP panels is effortless. Simply loosen all three knobs and position the panel between the racks. Expand the panels until they span the gap. Allow the magnetic strip to engage with the racks. Finally, tighten the knobs to secure the panel firmly in place and insert vinyl seals as necessary.


  • Efficient sealing: Immediately seals off rack row gaps wherever they appear.
  • Reusable: Convenient to store. Purchase a supply to have on hand to use or reuse when needed.
  • Adjustable design: Precision fitting to any space facilitated by adjustable knobs.
  • Modular integration: Panels can be interconnected to address larger gaps that cannot be covered by a single panel.
  • Construction: Crafted from Class 1 fire-rated 1/8” thick aluminum skinned composite panels for enhanced rigidity and longevity.
  • Adjustability: Panels easily expand by loosening three knobs, enabling telescopic adjustment of panel width. Equipped with a 2” wide flange area featuring a magnetic seal for secure attachment to cabinet sides without requiring mechanical fasteners.
  • Size options: Stock panels available in five adjustable widths, ranging from 6.5” to 56”. Standard height measures 84”, with custom heights available. 
  • Color: Stock color is semi-gloss black; white is available as a special order option.

AIRSEAL Containment Catalog

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