Rapid Deployment of Enhanced Security and Privacy

When colocation customers require complete space separation and added security, AIRSEAL’s ColoSUITES solution using our own custom designed wall systems offers several benefits over alternative solutions.

Class Leading Privacy and Security

AIRSEAL’s ColoSuite system features heavy-duty—yet still light weight—aluminum wall frame extrusions with a variety of tight-fitting panel insert options to fit nearly any privacy and security need. Our partial height or floor-to-ceiling wall systems are available with clear, opaque, or solid colored inserts and come with AIRSEAL’s own doors in a number of configurations and locking mechanism options. Louvers, steel mesh, or cage options are available in addition to or in place of inserts. Once installed, our system cannot be easily disassembled without tools and knowledge of our assembly methodology, making them less penetrable than competitive offerings.

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Containment Integration

ColoSUITES can also serve as containment barriers either as part of the hot aisle or cold aisle containment separation, or as complete containment solution, depending on your facility configuration and needs. And yes, our ColoSuite product is compatible and works well with our containment systems components, even though our ColoSuite components are heavier duty for added security and room wall integrity.

ColoSUITES Advantages

Freestanding or Integrated

AIRSEAL’s ColoSUITES system can be installed as a wall system that ties into an existing ceiling, or as a stand-alone system that is self-supporting.


By design, our ColoSUITES components adapt to most any room configuration or size. Wall systems can be made with panels of almost any size and combination, depending on your requirements and tastes. And our ColoSUITES works with a variety of ceiling systems (or no ceilings).

Dust-free, Fast, & Easy Install

Because we pre-fabricate our wall and door assemblies and have designed them to go together quickly, ColoSUITES are easy and fast to install. Plus, installing our prefab components does not generate the dust that comes with traditional construction, so AIRSEAL’s ColoSUITES can be built around operating equipment without interrupting your data center.


Every wall panel and door we prefab is made-to-order for our clients’ specific room dimensions and needs. We can even fabricate custom parts needed for those one-off adaptations or unique circumstances. And like all our containment systems, we make ColoSUITES in-house in our Texas facility.