Seamless Containment Integration with Colocation Cages

As most colocation tenants are separated by cages for security, hot or cold aisle containment for those tenants can sometimes be a challenge as sections of the cage could interfere with placement of containment panels. In these cases, AIRSEAL’s CageSEAL is the solution. With CageSEAL, we can integrate appropriate portions of the cage into the hot or cold aisle containment by adding containment panels to the cage itself.

CageSEAL containment panels consist of aluminum framed panels with clear, opaque, or solid colored inserts that are specifically designed to fit to most any colo cage type of configuration. Our cage panels are lightweight, yet sturdy, reusable, and easy to install. AIRSEAL’s CageSEAL panels come in these two attachment method options:

Magnetic Attachment

Our magnetically attachment option uses magnetic strips along the aluminum frame to attach to the cage frames. This method is handy when quick removal/reinstall is desired and when the cage frame sections are not that large.
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Mechanical Attachment

Mechanically fastened CageSEAL panels are attached to the cage with our specially designed brackets and hardware. This attachment method is often used when security/privacy is also desired and when cage sections are larger.