About Us

Thinking Differently Since 2009

At AIRSEAL we believe in:

Listening to what you need

not telling you what you need.

Getting it right

from the start.

Building solutions that match your needs

not force-fitting needs to off-the-shelf products.

Having it all

exceptional performance, light weight, durability, simple & quick installation, reliability, sleek looks, and unbeatable value.

We are family

We say “we are family” because we are a tight-knit community of employees that enjoys one another’s company, enjoys working hard and at a brisk pace, takes great pride in the quality and outcomes of our work, and speaks plainly and openly about what really matters. We care about what we do, and we care about each other.

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We are pioneers in containment

When we started in 2009, we saw the need for containment systems that weren’t currently on the market, so we developed our own. First working with select manufacturers, then manufacturing our own products, making refinements and improvements along the way. AIRSEAL’s customers consider our containment systems to be among the very best.

Made in Texas

Our containment systems are made in the USA in our production facility in Texas. The bulk of our materials also come from Texas or other parts of the USA. It is a source of pride for us that we make our excellent products in the US and work with excellent US suppliers.

We encourage reference checking

At the end of the day, you care less about what we have to say and more about how satisfied our customers are with our results. If you’re not already an AIRSEAL customer, we would be happy to introduce you to some who are. Ask them about our products and services, about our people, about our responsiveness, and how we are to work with.
data center subfloor cleaning