Data Center Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Containment

Since 2009, AIRSEAL® has been the industry leader and innovator in containment systems for Data Centers. We’ve installed hundreds of containment systems throughout the country, often coming up with custom, creative solutions where other containment providers said it couldn’t be done.


Or More Savings on Cooling

Of being Pioneers in Containment

Data Centers Contained and Counting


AIRSEAL is 100% focused on designing, manufacturing, and installing the highest quality, best value containment systems for Data Center Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle bypass airflow containment. Containment is our sole business. Every system we build and install excels at:

Properly segregating cool supply air from hot exhaust air in data centers so that computing equipment performs optimally, and energy efficiency is maximized.


Maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings.


Allowing for increased rack densities.


Our latest generation of systems and product components are designed for strength, flexibility, ease of installation, weight efficiency, and a clean, attractive appearance. The quality and value of AIRSEAL containment products are second to none.

And because we manufacture our own systems from materials we stock in our facility, AIRSEAL’s lead time from approved design to installed system is among the very best in the industry.


Each AIRSEAL containment solution is custom-built to our clients’ specific data center requirements. Using our own proprietary AIRSEAL doors and either hard containment panels or containment curtains—or a hybrid combination of both—every AIRSEAL containment solution is made-to-order for the needs and budgets of our clients.

Our designers, estimators, and project managers are uniquely adept at coming up with creative, practical solutions that meet our clients’ real world needs.

Our assemblers are laser focused on precision and quality, and our installers are highly skilled tehnicians and expert problem solvers.

AIRSEAL’s containment systems utilize our own time-tested, in-house designed components that we manufacture in the USA.

What Our Customers Say

We are proud that our customers are part of our success story, and we hope that you will also share your experience with us.

“The containment is awesome. We have a very happy customer here. They stated they don’t have another DC that looks as good as this one. Thank you very much to you and your team.”

“I have some feedback for you. AIRSEAL is awesome. [We are] very, very happy with job you all did.”

“The containment went in perfectly.”

“This was the most organized, cleanest [containment] we have seen. Really appreciate the professionalism.”